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Location? Location. Location!

Shakespeare wrote; "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

By the same token, what’s in a location? Locations, be it the set of the Starship Enterprise, the depths of the ocean, or simply a little house on a prairie, can evoke a sense of wonder, awe, fear, excitement. The majestic beauty of the landscape of South Dakota in Dances with Wolves. The dreary impoverished feel of the town of Triomf in the South African movie “Triomf”. The feeling of claustrophobia in the submarine in "Das Boot”, the sense of despair in the San Francisco apartment and then excitement of the business district in “The Pursuit of Happiness”, the fabulous setting of one of the scenes in "Bridge of Spies” where the Brooklyn neighbourhood of Dumbo was transformed into the 1960’s.

Yet the location is often overlooked by the viewer who does not realise that the simple interior of let’s say, a barber shop was carefully chosen to compliment the storyline of a movie or emphasise a product in the event of it being an advert for a particular brand. This is in itself is not a bad thing. Sometimes the fact that we do not see the environment is also part of the achievement of the film maker.

A location can invoke a sense of smell, of touch by merely conjuring up a distant memory from our subconscious. It can inspire us to visit a city or embark on a journey of exploration into the unknown like the great explorers of the past. It can scare us and fill us with impending dread. Or it can simply make us sit down and drink in all it’s splendour.

Cape Town in South Africa, is well known for it’s locations. It has all the elements for great shoots, from majestic mountains to endless beaches with white sand. From tiny bodegas to sleek and sophisticated 5 star restaurants.

Downtown cityscapes for that sleek “Wall Street” look to Victorian era houses for that English countryside element.

In less than an hour you can be in the heart of the majestic Wineland regions of the Cape, shooting a French or Dutch themed drama. In less than 2 hours you could be on a private game lodge preparing your “Out of Africa” experience with the Big 5.

From suburbs to farmlands to desert sand dunes, as a location, Cape Town gives you all of this within a 70km radius.

Cape Town is extremely film friendly and your location needs are well accommodated for.

Black Box Studios can arrange your locations and the permits required for all your production needs. Just give us a call or drop us a line.

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