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Can't sleep. Too many ideas.

And the work year has finally come around for those of us who can are trying to ignore work. (We try SO hard to pretend the year isn't starting and yet, here it is.) Bleary-eyed and armed with coffee, Black Box is finally ready to take on the new year.

Okay, it's not that bad. We're just a little hung over from New Years, but we're actually rearing to go. This year, we hope to launch our sister company Popular Aesthetics (website coming soon). PopA will focus on all things beautiful, trending, and tasty; a website dedicated to helping you look awesome for every season, and trying out some of the delicious food on offer here in Cape Town.

It's currently still very much under construction, but the next few weeks will bring out some great behind the scene shots of what's going on here at Black Box. You should definitely check us out on twitter for blow by blow action shots.

Another thing we are hoping to do this year is start shooting for the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. It's a little on the down low at the moment, but CPUT is in dire need of a photo library, and who better to tackle photo libraries than yours truly? Everything from staff right down to the grounds will need to be shot, and let me just tell you, that is a fetric muckton of work. Once it gets going, we'll be so busy that sleep will be a fantasy we entertain ourselves with while laying in IV drips for coffee and yelling at models. And we relish the opportunity. So, if anyone from CPUT is reading this, we are amped to start stress eating and pulling out our hair in service to you.

Lastly, we have a little bit of a competition in the works. Our corporate calendars are finally back from the printers (half way through the month of January - oops). And we're gonna be giving away two desktop calendars to some of our favourite Facebook friends. Check out our Facebook page for competition details.

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