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Surplus Peoples Project

Tempest, Papkuilsfontein

The Surplus People's Project is a NGO who have commissioned me to do their photography for their Annual Reports. I have been shooting for them since 2004 to document their progress from one year to the next. It is a very inspiring assignment, and has led me to areas of the Northern Cape which I would never have seen. It has also given me insight to the plight facing these people. Many of them should not be working. They should be retired, watching the world go by. Instead they are working to feed themselves and feed their grandchildren. It's the youth in the areas who tend not to work. I have found these people to be warm, open and very friendly. The Surplus People's Project series of portraits has been a highlight of my career as a photographer, especially as I have concentrated mainly on studio work, and never shot ver much photojournalism.

The Surplus People's Project and their work can be found here:​

Oom Abraham, Steinkompf

Oom Andries, Williston

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