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Metropolitan - together we are

One of our most valued clients has been for years now Metropolitan. This year we were lucky enough to work on three projects for them. The first that came around was for their annual corporate calendar. Created around the idea of dreaming of the future, BlackBox produced and photographed twelve shots of everyday, ordinary people, aspiring to a better future. There was a nurse, who dreams of becoming a surgeon, a university student who sees herself as a lawyer, and a young organic farmer who saw his work continuing in a sustainable, financially viable venture. The project was planned and executed in 3 weeks, which included casting, sourcing, styling and general prep work. The second and third projects for Metropolitan were executed simultaneously. The first we got approval for was for Metropolitan's CSI (Corporate Social Investment) section. The idea was simply to create a photo library which CSI could use in their literature as examples of what kind of projects they were involved in. I think I speak for the whole team when I say the day shooting the soccer boys out in Faure was by far the most fun of the CSI shooting days. The second, which got the go ahead shortly afterwards, was for the Metropolitan Retail Division. Retail needed an expansive photo library that showed South African models from a wide range of backgrounds and occupations. There are very few images available in the world that capture South African families, or South African workers, so we felt very honoured to be doing some of the first shots of their kind. We created a clinic in studio that featured models in South African nurses uniforms, and I remember the art director turning around at some point and saying in hushed tones, "This is incredible. Nothing like this exists in the market." That was definitely a highlight to all involved. Both the CSI ad Retails shoots were worked on from early September, and we only wrapped in mid October. There was a period of about three days after the shoot where I think the team and I just sat in bed, recovering from all the running around we had done. Working with Metropolitan has been both a wonderful opportunity and an incredible experience. We are all here at Black Box looking forward to another year of teaming up with them and setting the South African photography scene on fire.

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